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Island Divesified  www.islanddiversified.com


ABAA - Air barrier association of America  www.airbarrier.org

AIA - American Institute of Architects  www.aia.org

ASTM International www.astm.org

International Code Council (ICC)  www.iccsafe.org

Isolatek International www.isolatek.com


EIFS Industry Members Association www.eima.com


National Fire Protection Association  www.nfpa.org

National Fireproofing Contractors Association  www.nfca-online.org

Society of Fire Protection Engineers  www.sfpe.org

The Alliance for Fire & Smoke Containment & Control  www.afscc.org

The Association of the Walls and Ceilings Industries  www.awci.org

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA)  www.naima.org

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.  www.UL.com 

U.S. Green Building Council  www.usgbc.org


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